“Neti Pot” solution

12 oz distilled water – tap water that’s been boiled and cooled is okay too!
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp table salt

Dissolve baking soda and table salt in water. Warm to appropriate temperature and use as your sinus rinse dispensary agent directs.


Some helpful experiences:
– Water up the nose isn’t bad as long as it’s a controlled stream and you breathe through your mouth.
– The first time you try this is the hardest. The water may be too hot and your desire to squirt things up your nose might be low.
– Easiest to do this in the shower, and use a spare washcloth to blow your nose into after. We use cheapie white washcloths from a big box retailer (10 for $4) and throw them in with our bleach load.
– It helps but it’s not a true cure for me for the swelling and blockages. This plus a product like Flonase or Nasacort might serve some folks better.
– If you want to get trapped water in your sinuses to come out easier, reach down like you’re trying to touch your toes from a standing position. Hold for three seconds. Then as you stand upright again, the water will usually dislodge itself. I grab an extra washcloth for those moments too, because who wants to get their feet wet by stepping in nose water? Ugh.
– Pre-measured packets are very expensive compared to the raw materials, and we can get the materials at the grocers. Must be all that marketing…