“Neti Pot” solution

12 oz distilled water – tap water that’s been boiled and cooled is okay too!
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp table salt

Dissolve baking soda and table salt in water. Warm to appropriate temperature and use as your sinus rinse dispensary agent directs.


Some helpful experiences:
– Water up the nose isn’t bad as long as it’s a controlled stream and you breathe through your mouth.
– The first time you try this is the hardest. The water may be too hot and your desire to squirt things up your nose might be low.
– Easiest to do this in the shower, and use a spare washcloth to blow your nose into after. We use cheapie white washcloths from a big box retailer (10 for $4) and throw them in with our bleach load.
– It helps but it’s not a true cure for me for the swelling and blockages. This plus a product like Flonase or Nasacort might serve some folks better.
– If you want to get trapped water in your sinuses to come out easier, reach down like you’re trying to touch your toes from a standing position. Hold for three seconds. Then as you stand upright again, the water will usually dislodge itself. I grab an extra washcloth for those moments too, because who wants to get their feet wet by stepping in nose water? Ugh.
– Pre-measured packets are very expensive compared to the raw materials, and we can get the materials at the grocers. Must be all that marketing…

Hello there! Come meet the cats!

These are the household cats:


This is Mr. Boots. He was adopted first. His family was losing their house, but I got to bring Boots home. Also known as “the catloaf”, Boots tends to be very vocal about food and getting his way. Recently he found his way outside into the back yard by cleverly sliding open the screen on the window and jumping out onto the deck stairs.



This is Miss Athena. She was adopted second as a companion for Boots, but they have never fully gotten along as friends. Athena loves her cat tree, loves to play with anything string-like, and prefers oat grass sprouts to other types of greens. She still hisses at Mordecai and will often still hiss at Chloe-Blue.



Miss Chloe-Blue. One of two cats who came to us through a friend of a friend, we were told she “isn’t social” and “doesn’t much interact with humans”. Although it’s joked she is the Kristen Stewart of cats due to her continually slightly sour facial expression, she is a three to four year old kitty who enjoys playing like a kitten, getting water from the bathroom faucet, and she has a wicked sense of humor. Often she will ambush Boots and then chase after him, turn around, and run away.



Mr. Mordecai. The other half of the pair, Mordecai is arguably top cat in the house since his arrival less than a year ago. He tends to counter Boots’ attempts at dominance in the kitty social order, has an anxiety condition (due to having only two teeth? malicious treatment by humans?), and is still curious about Athena. His two favorite hobbies include intimidating other cats to get prime spots on human laps and playing in the laundry.


The cats are the reason we bought the house. The house is the reason we’re expanding our garden. Once we have the fence enclosure set up, the cats will get to play in the garden. There will be lots of pictures of the cats here.