Salt Dough – with or without cinnamon

Have you ever found yourself wanting to make something really cool for a weekend or holiday project? Ever find yourself staring at the prices for things like Sculpey at the crafts-n-hobbies stores and wondering how you could afford to buy that AND eat for the rest of the month?

Want to be crafty, save money, *and* have fun? Why not try a salt dough project?

Salt dough is pretty cool. You can make ornaments or even awesome little sugar skulls from it! Sure, preschoolers love it too, and it’s generally safe for the cats to be around.

The runes in my header are made from cinnamon salt dough.

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup very hot water

Heat water til very hot; mix with flour and salt.

Add 1 Tbsp cinnamon to your dough.

Bake at 250 degrees until fully dry. Or, stick in your dehydrator for 24 hours. Or just let your creations air dry on baking racks.

What can you do with salt dough? (Other than keep more of your hard earned money while still having fun doing crafts?)

  • Use cookie cutters and paint or glitter; make beautiful ornaments
  • Make inexpensive wreaths
  • Make inexpensive keepsakes (baby’s footprint, anyone?)
  • Roll out into lozenge shapes and make your own set of runes
  • Make beads
  • Make dolls
  • Make figurines
  • Use smaller cookie cutters and make place tags for dinner parties
  • Gift tags for holiday or birthday gifts
  • Create alphabet or counting tiles for kids to play with and learn
  • Make play food for fashion dolls or a faerie garden


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